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Morgan/Saddlebreds For Sale



 Figi, foaled April 19, 1999,  is a Chestnut Pinto Morgan/Saddlebred mare, pictured at 4 years of age.  She has beautiful conformation and a pretty head, a beautiful trot and can also pick up those feet. A  Must See! SOLD!



Nomanchado is a chestnut gelding, foaled April 3rd, 2001, he is pictured above at 1 year of age. He's a full brother to Figi listed above.  He'll be gorgeous like his siblings, but without the spots.   He has a perfect head and neck, excellent comformation, long straight legs, and he's tall.  He stands about 15.2 hands.  Get him while he's priced low!   PRICE: $800





Winter Carnival


Carnival Jester




Stonewall's Starheart Sensation

Key Dazzler





Key Largo


Spirit of Key Largo




Autumn Wing

Figi and Nomanchado





Casland Ben Don


Tateland Horn Blower




Casland Diana

Tie Creek  Kelsey







Casland Jo Colleen




HLM Marin