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Beautiful Babies

In Loving Memory

May 25, 1999 - June 1, 1999


Our stallion, Key Dazzler, at four months of age.

Dash grazes with Gigi and, then, takes a nap.

Bermuda's and Figi's foals take a nap.

Cute, little Diana, is a half sister to Omega.


Dos, a full brother to Omega.

Dos at one year of age.  


Baby Figi, a full sister to Shia.

Key To My April Love, or Gigi, an aunt to Melissa.

Gigi takes a nap.


Juliet runs to Mom.


Saddlebred filly, Melissa, is shown at 6 1/2 weeks (left) and 1 week (right).

Mojo and Omega

Baby SCC, a Morgan/Saddlebred..

Babies Lottie and Monarch

Baby Lottie, dam to Mojo, and full sister to SCC.


Newborn Ricky.


Ricky at two months.


Baby Dazzlin' Dream Doll.  She is a full sister to  Shania, and Ricky.


Baby My Sultan's Starlet. She is the dam to Melissa.